Disto D3

Leica Geosystems is a world leader in developing, manufacturing, and distributing surveying systems and measuring equipment. With more than 500 active licenses and 250 new submitted licenses
The MTD of Leica Geosystems focuses on trades people and do-it-yourself customers who want to use Leica Geosystems’ measuring technologies in their work. Besides launching attractively priced products of solid performance, such as the Leica DISTO™ hand laser meter, other challenges in this field are the need for large-scale production and the creation of a sales network with strong global coverage. •

  • Leica DISTO™, stands for fast, accurate and reliable distance measuring in any situation.
  • With numerous accessories and a modern design, Leica DISTO™ is available in many model configurations for many different applications.
  • Measure hard to reach places in 2D and 3D. Leica DISTO™ is easy to use.
  • The more you use Leica DISTO™ the better you measure up.
  • Leica DISTO™ — the productivity standard for modern measuring.